Blockchain. Education. Learn.

Blockchain. Education. Learn.


Blockchain Technology – Fast Rising

Blockchain technology is one of the fastest growing as there is widespread interest cutting across industry. The skill set is in huge demand but scarce to find. Many companies looking for Blockchain technology talent. This is very similar to the demand for Internet and web technology professionals 20/25 years back.  Right now the opportunities are vast and expected to grow in the coming years. Any new and emerging technology is usually lucrative in more than one way.  This should naturally lead to more learning, training and online course offering in the immediate future.

Blockchain in leading universities

The formal education sector presented by universities usually are late to get on to the race. However we find that some of the best universities like Cambridge University, Cornell University, University College London, MIT- Massachusetts Institute of Technology and John Hopkins University have plunged in already. University of Edinburgh is reported to become one of the first big European universities to get in to Blockchain teaching. It is quite interesting to note that some of the Blockchain veterans like Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum’s inventor), professor Emin Gun Sirer etc., are engaged in training and guest lectures. This is good sign from the formal side of education.

Online training. Courses. Certifications

Alternate learning like MOOCs, online training and certifications are already popular in the digital age. So they offer attractive propositions. MOOCs like Coursera, Udemy etc., provide courses which are taken by many learners. There are some (Blockchain technology) exclusive sites like Blockgeeks, B9lab etc., offering a bit deeper training. Last year Coindesk reported about First Ethereum Developers Certified on the Blockchain. In the certification space, CryptoCurrency Certification Consortium (C4) certifications offers certifications in Blockchain technology.


As such we need well equipped programmers and technical personnel to handle this complex technology. There is need for 2x to 10x faster, reliable and secure coding to create Smart Contracts, dApps etc., the hacking cases like DAO exploit have caused huge losses, there  is need to build efficient professionals through well all rounded training. Mind that in Blockchain technology, we trust code and computation more!

/Malick, Chain Scripts, Chennai, India.

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