Blockchain Technology. Hash. Hashing.

Blockchain Technology. Hash. Hashing.


Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology has the potential  to disrupt the way computing is done and Internet is used as of now. However there is a lot of apprehension about the technology. Not only with the ordinary people but even with the so called geeks. Is the fundamentals of the technology strong enough to sustain?

On the one side there are questions as above. On the other side, there is a bit of confusion in understanding the Blockchain technology itself. A concentrated effort is required to get the confidence in Blockchain technology and its future.


Cryptography is one of the main pillars to get the Blockchain going. It is important to understand Cryptography techniques like hashing so that we will have the comfort that this technology is strong. So one can easily start with understanding hash, hashing and Cryptography hash function in the deep study of Blockchain.

Just to understand the hash function, see the below illustration:

1+2+3+4 = 10. In this 1+2+3+4 is input. 10 is output. Input leads to output. For the output 10 there can be several right inputs like 2+2+3+3, 4+1+1+4 and so on. In the illustration there is an input as 1+2+3+4. Assuming that we have only the output, to find out this input we may have to compute all the probabilities and then decide the right one. Mind that this is an example but not a Cryptographic hash function.


In a Cryptographic hash function, a fixed size alphanumeric string is produced for an input. A sample of this string called as hash is


Three things can be remembered here:

  1. It is easy to get a Cryptographic hash string as above for a given input.
  2. It is extremely computationally difficult to get the input for the given output hash string.
  3. It is extremely unlikely that there may be two different inputs that can have the same hash string output.

Extremely unlikely may not necessarily mean impossible. Blockchain is not the only technology that uses hashing. There are so many other uses.

Take the above script as the primer part I. Let us continue the learning about Hash.

/Malick, Chain Scripts, Chennai, India.

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