Blockchain technology in India

Blockchain technology in India

Blockchain Business Conference

In India,

  • Andhra Pradesh becomes the first state to deploy Blockchain technology. Andhra Pradesh launched pilot projects for land records and transport.
  • Andhra Pradesh accounts for 60 percent of Aadhaar-based transactions and extensively uses technology for delivery of services.
  • Andhra Pradesh is positioning itself to take advantage of the niche technologies to create business and investment opportunities.
  • Andhra Pradesh’s Fintech Valley has already created biggest repository of used cases.
  • In the Blockchain Business Conference happening (9th, 10th October 2017), there are launches of India Fintech Forum, India Blockchain Forum, Blockchain Report Aby Wipro and Blockchain Hiring Portal.
  • The two-day conference organised by Fintech Valley Vizag is being attended by regional and international experts, startups, Corporates, leading FSI executives, regulators, entrepreneurs, policymakers and academics to explore Blockchain technologies, its applications and how it will impact the financial services industry.

Reference BGR.IN News:

Malick, Chain Scripts, Chennai, India.

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