Enterprise Blockchain Technology

Enterprise Blockchain Technology

Enterprise IT:

Enterprise class IT is disparate from consumer and small business IT. In a large enterprise or business corporation spanning many global locations, there are many business units, branches etc., Often one location resources may not even be aware by other location! IT systems may be different; different technologies, platforms, servers, applications and databases etc., Also there are needs like reliability, security scalability etc., A typical IT infrastructure or technology suitable to consumers may not be that much suitable to a large enterprise.

Enterprise IT vendors:

Global IT giants like Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, SAP etc., cater to enterprise market. The other global giants like Google, Apple etc., are more in to consumer and small business IT. Cloud services by Amazon Web Services are initially more receptive to small businesses who wanted to do away with upfront capital investment on hardware and software. Enterprise software vendors make considerable revenue junk; and so any new technology like Blockchain how it penetrates to enterprise is to be looked in to with interest. Is the Blockchain technology enterprise class?

Blockchain with Microsoft, IBM and Oracle:

It is surprising to note that the IT giants like Microsoft, IBM and Oracle have taken early interest in Blockchain technology and are now ready with their enterprise grade solutions. Not only that they are offering cloud service in Blockchain technology so that all businesses can make use of. There are different visions emanating from the initial solutions coming out. As per this Forbes news report, it is not only Microsoft and Oracle but other software heavyweights are also after Blockchain!

Blockchain – Enterprise grade:

IBM Blockchain offers IBM Blockchain Platform and solutions. IBM has been ranked as Leader NO 1 in BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY as per this research report. Next is Microsoft. The coco framework by Microsoft announced as a bang is expected to facilitate enterprise adoption. Also Microsoft Azure – provides Blockchain as a service! Oracle is also making news with the announcement of launching Enterprise-Grade Blockchain Cloud Service. This Fortune news summarizes it.

All these leads us to the conclusion that, by and large, sooner or later businesses are getting ready for Blockchain technology.

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